E17 - Innovative Ways to Share Your Faith with Dr. Frank Harbor

June 24, 2019
Dr. Frank Harbor is an apologist, an evangelist and an attorney. As a 21 year old atheist, Frank set out to disapprove Christianity but became a Christian as a result. With every generation the gospel message doesn’t change but the method of evangelism changes. God has always been the great innovator and has given us tools to reach the world for Christ. We as Christians must change not the message but how we approach trying to reach people according to the...
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E16 - Revival & Evangelism with Royce Williams

June 03, 2019
Royce Williams is President of Missions Evangelism Ministries. Sammy and Royce discuss the difference between revival and evangelism but how they are also interconnected. When the church has a deep work of God, then evangelism is a fruit of revival.  When the church has a revived heart then evangelism begins to explode. They also explore various dynamics on how the gospel is to be brought to the whole world. They di...
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E15 - The One Hope Movement with Chad Clark

May 27, 2019
Sammy and Chad discuss what the essence of the gospel is and what the One Hope Movement entails. The answer for a divided world is a united church. We live in a world that is looking for hope and our only hope is in Jesus Christ. The One Hope movement involves extraordinary prayer for the lost and the equipping of the church for personal evangelism.    The One Hope Movement will host a catalytic event that will...
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E14 - The Multiplying Church Movement in Brazil with Frabrico Freitas

May 20, 2019
God is sending a revival to many churches in Brazil. It has been realized as a result of the multiplying church movement that Fabrico Freitas heads up. Coordinated, consistent & persistent prayer have been a hallmark of God’s movement in this Brazilian movement. The heart of this movement is to go back to the principles of the New Testament church. These principles include a strong commitment to prayer, evangelism and discipleship in unison, the plantin...
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E13 - Creating a Messy Church Culture that Welcomes Non-Christians with Dr. Brent Saathoff

April 29, 2019
Dr. Brent Saathoff is Lead Pastor at City Church in San Antonio, Texas - a church which annually baptizes hundreds of newly converted adults. City Church uses its weekend services, its recovery programs and all other kinds of church programs to love people wherever they are at in life with the ultimate goal to bring them to freedom in Jesus Christ. City Church also incorporates a strong discipleship program with its members and feels both evangelism and discipleship go hand in hand...
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