E12 - Cultivating a Heart for Evangelism with Shane Pruitt

April 22, 2019
Shane Pruitt the Director of Evangelism for the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention joins the ignite your passion podcast this week. Shane shares about his non-christian background and how he came to fall in love with Jesus. He also dives into the two books he has written, one entitled 9 Common Lies Christians Believe and why these cliches aren’t Biblical even though they are popular within the church. The other book which Shane edited and compiled is entitled Evangelism Ta...
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E11 - Evangelistic Praying with Frank Shivers

April 15, 2019
Frank Shivers, Vice-President of the National Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelist delves into his book Evangelistic Praying: Intercession for Laborers and the Lost. He shares about his heart for laborers for the harvest and explains why this is so very important in our world today.
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E10 - Evangelistic Lessons Learned from the Jesus Movement with Phil Glisson

April 09, 2019
In this podcast Sammy Tippit interviews evangelist Phil Glisson about the history of the Jesus Movement. Throughout this movement God orchestrated a return to Christ and Christian values in a time where pockets of revival broke out. They discuss what the body of Christ can learn from that movement which be applied to America today.
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E9 - Practical Advice on how to Structure Evangelistic Outreaches with Dr. Keith Fordham

April 02, 2019
In this podcast Sammy Tippit interview Dr. Keith Fordham about his journey to become an evangelist. Dr. Fordham also gives some practical advice on how to structure evangelism outreaches for local churches and communities.
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Episode 8 - Affinity Evangelism with Jerry Drace

March 25, 2019
In this podcast Sammy interviews Jerry Drace about affinity evangelism. This is the sharing the gospel through events that gather people around a common affinity.  Common affinities could include a hobby or interest, stage of life, job, health issue, family composition or interest that people commonly share.
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