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Sammy Tippit Ministries is combining Ignite Your Passion and Ignite Your Faith into one new and exciting podcast. This new weekly podcast will be centered around renewal, revival, igniting your passion for Christ, sharing your faith and strengthening your family life. This season will have a variety of topics related to renewal and revival. Interviews from Christian leaders around the world, recommended resources and stories of how God has moved in the past & present will all be combined to make this a unique new season of Ignite Your Faith. Be sure to subscribe to the Ignite Your Faith podcast as all future episodes will be housed there.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 6 - Interview with Wayne Jenkins -part 2

    In part two of this interview with former Louisiana Baptist Evangelism Director Wayne Jenkins, Sammy and Wayne discuss the practicals of how to share your faith and develop a passion for the lost. ...


  2. Episode 5 -Wayne Jenkins

    Former Louisiana Baptist Evangelism Director Wayne Jenkins talks with Sammy Tippit about the role of the Holy Spirit in the work of evangelism. ...


  3. Episode 4 - David Stockwell

    International Evangelist David Stockwell tells how God is moving around the world in evangelism and calls for a new wave of evangelism in the West. ...


  4. Episode 3 - Dr. Chuck Kelley

    An interview with Dr. Chuck Kelley, President of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Kelley shares key insights for the decline of evangelism in churches today. He coins a term "disciplism" to give a solution to the evangelism crisis. ...


  5. Episode 2 - Dr. Robert Coleman part 2

    In part two of Sammy’s interview with Dr. Robert Coleman, they discuss his Christian classic book entitled The Master Plan of Evangelism. They delve into Jesus’ approach to evangelism and discipleship. Exciting principles and examples of how to implement this in any cultural context are explained as well. Dr. ...