E24 Wounded Deer - How Prostate Cancer was used in Sammy’s Life with Dr. David Walker & the Tippits

June 12, 2019
Sammy Tippit explains how having prostate cancer refocused his desires on God. Sammy explains how God used a dream of him being like a wounded deer to daily long from the streams of living water that flows from God. God also used this encounter with cancer to help Sammy better to care for his body by training for the Greek marathon.  Join us in the podcast to discover all the amazing things that God taught Sammy through this journey w...
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E23 - Common Characteristics of Revival with Mark Beardon

June 05, 2019
Mark Beardon is Director Of Life Action’s Revived Faith Prayer Ministry. Mark teaches in churches around the country about intercessory prayer. Sammy and Mark discuss the Welsh revival and some of the characteristics that God manifested in that revival.  They discuss how God can use one fully devoted person to Christ just like Evan Roberts was used in the Welsh revival. They also talk about common characterist...
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E22 - Refreshing and Reviving this Next Generation with Pastor Michael Catt

May 29, 2019
Pastor Michael Catt of Sherwood Baptist Church discusses with Sammy some of the principles of the Jesus Movement of which they both came to Christ. One of those principles of that movement was going out into the world where people are. They also discuss the Refresh Conference which Pastor Catt’s church sponsors. It targets reviving pastors who are discouraged across America. Finally they discuss how much this generation needs God and why prayer is paramount.
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E21 - A Vision for God Astonished Lives with Dr. John Avant

May 22, 2019
Dr. John Avant is the Director and President of Life Action Division which is an organization committed to revival and awakening in America. He discusses with Sammy the desire to see millions of God astonished lives across America and how revival can come to the world today as it has in the past. Dr. Avant also recounts a revival movement that happened in the mid-90’s in Texas which ended up spreading to one hundred campuses across America and to other parts of the world.
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E20 - What it means to be a Learner of Jesus Christ with Corey Webb

May 15, 2019
Sammy & Corey discuss how to the Apostle Paul wanted to know Jesus in the power of His Resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering. The Spirit of Christ continually flows through us as we commune with Christ. One of the greatest ways we can become a learner of Christ is digging into God’s Love Letter - His Word. God’s word is a guide for us as followers of Jesus.
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