E19 - Becoming a Learner of Jesus Christ with Corey Webb

May 08, 2019
Sammy & Corey discuss how to become learners of Jesus. One of our greatest hinderances to become learners of Jesus is pride. Humility is one of the prime character traits of Jesus. Humility is having an attitude that there is a bigger picture than what I can understand. Humility also gives us the perspective that we can do nothing without Jesus but all things through Him.
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E18 - Remaining Faithful in the Midst of Change with Sammy Tippit & Dr. David Walker

April 24, 2019
Dr. David Walker and Sammy Tippit discuss how God sometimes uses wanted and unwanted changes to shape us for the better. We all have different races  that God has called us to run. It is through the unique struggle of the challenge that God transforms us.
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E17 - Maintaining Personal Revival with The Walkers & Tippits

April 17, 2019
Dr. David and Shirley Walker discuss with Sammy and Tex Tippit how to be refreshed by meeting with God in the midst of the tyranny of the urgent. They discuss how you can intentionally set aside the places and spaces to be refreshed by His Spirit through spending time with Him instead of prioritizing the checking off of the to-do list.
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E16 - Change is a Constant in the Life of a Growing Christian with Dr. David Walker

April 11, 2019
Sammy Tippit and Dr. David Walker discuss how the process of change can be used to shape us in the image of Jesus Christ. This podcast is a great reminder that God’s calendar isn’t our calendar but his ways, process and outcomes are much higher than our short-term understanding.
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E15 A Global Christianity with Jesse McFarlane from Scotland & Vladimir from Moldova

April 04, 2019
In this episode Sammy & Tex Tippit interview two different guests one from Scotland and one from Moldova. Jesse McFarlane shares about a women’s prayer ministry that has swept and changed Scotland. Vladimir shares stories of tragedy, hope and healing in family life and in  ministry life. If you want your world to expand be sure to check out this episode hearing stories of God’s faithfulness from around the world.
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