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Do you long for a closer walk with God, victory in your life and renewal in your relationships? Author and international evangelist Sammy Tippit has begun this podcast exactly for that reason, to help you in your journey to ignite your faith. Sammy will be interviewing faithful Christians from around the world who will encourage, challenge and inspire you to let God’s fire burn deep within your heart. Season two has a variety of topics related to renewal and revival. Interviews from Christian leaders around the world, recommended resources and stories of how God has moved in the past & present will all be combined to make this a unique new season of Ignite Your Faith.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. E22 - Refreshing and Reviving this Next Generation with Pastor Michael Catt

    Pastor Michael Catt of Sherwood Baptist Church discusses with Sammy some of the principles of the Jesus Movement of which they both came to Christ. One of those principles of that movement was going out into the world where people are. They also discuss the Refresh Conference which Pastor ...


  2. E21 - A Vision for God Astonished Lives with Dr. John Avant

    Dr. John Avant is the Director and President of Life Action Division which is an organization committed to revival and awakening in America. He discusses with Sammy the desire to see millions of God astonished lives across America and how revival can come to the world today as it ...


  3. E20 - What it means to be a Learner of Jesus Christ with Corey Webb

    Sammy & Corey discuss how to the Apostle Paul wanted to know Jesus in the power of His Resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering. The Spirit of Christ continually flows through us as we commune with Christ. One of the greatest ways we can become a learner of ...


  4. E19 - Becoming a Learner of Jesus Christ with Corey Webb

    Sammy & Corey discuss how to become learners of Jesus. One of our greatest hinderances to become learners of Jesus is pride. Humility is one of the prime character traits of Jesus. Humility is having an attitude that there is a bigger picture than what I can understand. Humility ...


  5. E18 - Remaining Faithful in the Midst of Change with Sammy Tippit & Dr. David Walker

    Dr. David Walker and Sammy Tippit discuss how God sometimes uses wanted and unwanted changes to shape us for the better. We all have different races  that God has called us to run. It is through the unique struggle of the challenge that God transforms us. ...