Episode 14 - Revival with Dr. David & Shirley Walker

March 27, 2019
In this episode the Tippit’s and David & Shirley Walker discuss personal and corporate revival. So much of revival begins with brokenness, repentance and obedience.If you feel like your life is cluttered or maybe out of sync be sure to check out this passionate discussion about how to see your heart revived again for God.
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Episode 13 - Spiritual Dryness

March 20, 2019
Sammy & Tex Tippit discuss with Dr. David & Shirley Walker about the reality of spiritual dryness and burn out. How do you stoke that fire for Jesus once the flame begins to dim? Be encouraged in this podcast as you listen to how God can refresh and enliven your relationship with Him once again. 
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Episode 12 - Interview with Kristi Hobbs part 2

March 14, 2019
In part 2 of this interview with Kristi Hobbs she shares how God’s Word was an anchor in the midst of her personal tragedy.  Just releasing herself to the current of God’s river brought hope and healing into her life. Kristi also tells the story of how even out of this tragedy many lives half way across the globe were impacted for all of eternity.
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Episode 11 - Interview with Kristi Hobbs

March 06, 2019
Kristi Hobbs opens up in this testimony of loss and love. She shares this tender yet encouraging story of the Lord’s presence in her husband’s absence after he went to be with Jesus. If you ever have experienced deep loss in life be sure to listen to these words of wisdom that Kristi offers to all of us.
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Episode 10 - Interview with Dr. Chuck Kelley

February 28, 2019
An interview with Dr. Chuck Kelley, President of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Kelley shares key insights for the decline of evangelism in churches today. He coins a term "disciplism" to give a solution to the evangelism crisis.
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