Episode 6 - Interview with Bill Elliff

January 30, 2019
Sammy Tippit discusses with Bill Elliff, Pastor of The Summit Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, the nature of a spiritual awakening. You will be challenged in this dynamic discussion of personal and corporate renewal as Pastor Elliff shares about a move of God in his church.
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Episode 5 - Interview with Naveed Malik

January 23, 2019
You don't want to miss this interview with Pastor Naveed Malik. He tells his story about how he grew up in Pakistan in a non-Christian family. It's a remarkable story of a Christian being light in the darkness in which Naveed lived. You will be inspired to pray for others who have not met Jesus.
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Episode 4 - Interview with Adrian Martin

January 16, 2019
God lit a fire in Adi’s heart when he came to know Christ. He was a professional handball player for Romania. People thought he was crazy when he started sharing Christ with everyone. However, he not only changed their minds, he was able to introduce others to Christ and see their hearts changed. His story in today’s podcast will inspire you to share your faith with others.
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Episode 3 – Interview with Byron Paulus

January 10, 2019
Byron Paulus, CEO of Life Action Ministries, shares his burden for renewal in our personal lives and awakening in the nations. He issues a call for believers to join in a unified movement to pray for such an awakening in today’s podcast. His story will ignite a fire for prayer and revival.
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Episode 2 – Interview with Luke Hockenjos

January 04, 2019
Although Luke Hockenjos grew up in a great Christian family, he became addicted to alcohol when he was 15 years old and later Methamphetamines. He found himself homeless two weeks before he came to Christ. He shares his story from addiction to freedom in Christ in today’s podcast. It will inspire parents to never quit praying for their children and hope for victory in Christians.
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