E24 - God’s Transforming Power with Josh Lair

September 02, 2019
Josh Lair shares his amazing story of God literally rescuing his life from serious addictions and time spent in prison. Josh’s open and honest account of how God used his past struggles to become his greatest area of strength in his ministry today and bring restoration to his life is compelling and insightful. You won’t want to miss this testimony of how the power of the gospel is still alive and moving today.
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E23 Your Real Dad Pt4 - The One Constant in Life is Change with Dr. David Walker & Sammy Tippit

June 07, 2019
Sammy Tippit and Dr. David Walker continue this series entitled “Your Real Dad”. Whether it’s big or little change we need to consistently be reminded that God has a plan for us, that God is in control. Many times it is in the midst of these changes when God meets with us at a different level. Sometimes change is used to remind us of our desperate need for God always no matter what your life circumstances are.
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E22 - The Power of Words from a Parental Point of View with the Walkers

May 31, 2019
Tex discusses with Dr. David & Shirley Walker the place of encouragement from parents or grandparents towards children. They also discuss how the power of words work in relation to discipling children, how both accusatory words can destroy and wise admonitions can be used for positive instruction. 
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E21 - The Power of Words between Husband and Wife with the Walkers

May 24, 2019
Sammy & Tex discuss with Dr. David & Shirley Walker about the power of encouraging words between spouses. On the converse side they also delve into how criticism can both be constructive and destructive depending on how and why it is given. They also talk about the different thought processes and needs of wives and husbands.
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E20 - Making Memories as a Family with the Walkers

May 17, 2019
Sammy & Tex discuss with Dr. David & Shirley Walker how to make memories that last a lifetime. Families need to have an identity by doing things together which facilitate these memories that stick with us way beyond childhood. The abundance of life is all different dimensions of life, even and especially in the play times with our family. Being present in the little moments of life are also some of the memories that last a lifetime.
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