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Sammy Tippit Ministries is combining Ignite Your Family Life and Ignite Your Faith into one new and exciting podcast. This new weekly podcast will be centered around renewal, revival, igniting your passion for Christ, sharing your faith and strengthening your family life. This season will have a variety of topics related to renewal and revival. Interviews from Christian leaders around the world, recommended resources and stories of how God has moved in the past & present will all be combined to make this a unique new season of Ignite Your Faith. Be sure to subscribe to the Ignite Your Faith podcast as all future episodes will be housed there.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. E16 The Heart of a Father with Dr. Jerry Drace

    Sammy interviews Dr. Jerry Drace about his book The Heart of a Father which looks to the book of Proverbs as a  guide for fathers. They talk about how fathers can help their children grow in their relationship with God. They discuss the legacy of character that fathers ...


  2. E15 - The Post Abortion Healing Process with The Walkers & Dawn Jackson Part 2

    Dr. David & Shirley Walker host this redemptive based episode where they interview Dawn Jackson about post abortion spiritual practices that will help to bring hope and healing to women in need. Dawn shares how true forgiveness can become a reality with God’s unending mercies. ...


  3. E14 - Finding Freedom From Sin with The Walkers & Dawn Jackson Part 1

    Dr. David & Shirley Walker host this redemptive based episode where they interview Dawn Jackson about an abortion that she had when she was young. Dawn speaks openly, passionately and compassionately to women who have gone through a similar experience. ...


  4. Episode 13 - Forgiveness with Sammy & Tex Tippit

    There is an essential ingredient that all successful marriages practice and that is discipline of forgiveness. Sammy & Tex explore the issue of forgiveness from all different angles as husband /wife and father/mother. This is an episode that will bring healing and hope to all who listen. ...


  5. Episode 12 - A Family Legacy with Dr. Crawford Loritts

    In this podcast, Sammy interviews author and pastor Dr. Crawford Loritts. Leaving a Legacy and Legacy Moment are also two radio shows that Dr. Loritts hosts. They discuss issues related to cultivating a healthy home environment including considering the legacy of a father and how to build character in ...