Episode 13 - Forgiveness with Sammy & Tex Tippit

March 23, 2019
There is an essential ingredient that all successful marriages practice and that is discipline of forgiveness. Sammy & Tex explore the issue of forgiveness from all different angles as husband /wife and father/mother. This is an episode that will bring healing and hope to all who listen.
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Episode 12 - A Family Legacy with Dr. Crawford Loritts

March 17, 2019
In this podcast, Sammy interviews author and pastor Dr. Crawford Loritts. Leaving a Legacy and Legacy Moment are also two radio shows that Dr. Loritts hosts. They discuss issues related to cultivating a healthy home environment including considering the legacy of a father and how to build character in the home. You won’t want to miss this episode which provides a wise understanding of what really matters in family life.
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Episode 11 - Faith & Family - Interview with Bill & Holly Elliff

March 08, 2019
The Elliff's share the challenges of rearing eight children. They talk about the revival that they experienced in their own relationship. It's a refreshing story.
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Episode 10 - Building a Healthy Family - Interview with Byron & Sue Paulus

March 01, 2019
Sammy and Tex Tippit interview Byron and Sue Paulus about building a healthy family life. The Paulus' share truths that have helped them in their family life.
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Episode 9 - Parent Child Relationships - Interview with Walkers

February 23, 2019
In this episode Sammy & Tex welcome back Dr. David Walker and his wife Shirley Walker to discuss the various dynamics and layers that are present in healthy parent child relationships. They discuss everything from discipline to cultivating an environment where children can thrive.
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