Ignite Your Family Life

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Sammy Tippit Ministries is combining Ignite Your Family Life and Ignite Your Faith into one new and exciting podcast. This new weekly podcast will be centered around renewal, revival, igniting your passion for Christ, sharing your faith and strengthening your family life. This season will have a variety of topics related to renewal and revival. Interviews from Christian leaders around the world, recommended resources and stories of how God has moved in the past & present will all be combined to make this a unique new season of Ignite Your Faith. Be sure to subscribe to the Ignite Your Faith podcast as all future episodes will be housed there.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 11 - Faith & Family - Interview with Bill & Holly Elliff

    The Elliff's share the challenges of rearing eight children. They talk about the revival that they experienced in their own relationship. It's a refreshing story. ...


  2. Episode 10 - Building a Healthy Family - Interview with Byron & Sue Paulus

    Sammy and Tex Tippit interview Byron and Sue Paulus about building a healthy family life. The Paulus' share truths that have helped them in their family life. ...


  3. Episode 9 - Parent Child Relationships - Interview with Walkers

    In this episode Sammy & Tex welcome back Dr. David Walker and his wife Shirley Walker to discuss the various dynamics and layers that are present in healthy parent child relationships. They discuss everything from discipline to cultivating an environment where children can thrive. ...


  4. Episode 8 - Husband Wife Relationships

    In this episode Sammy & Tex welcome Dr. David Walker and his wife Shirley  to discuss the various dynamics and layers that are present in healthy husband wife relationships. They draw on Biblical principles and personal experiences that have helped to shape their relationship with their spouse. Be sure ...


  5. Episode 7 - Persistent Prayer For Your Family

    In this episode of Ignite Your Family Life, Sammy shares a personal testimony of his praying grandmother and the profound impact it had not only his life but generations yet to come. Be encouraged, inspired and learn why persisting in prayer for your family has eternal value. ...