Episode 8 - Husband Wife Relationships

February 16, 2019
In this episode Sammy & Tex welcome Dr. David Walker and his wife Shirley  to discuss the various dynamics and layers that are present in healthy husband wife relationships. They draw on Biblical principles and personal experiences that have helped to shape their relationship with their spouse. Be sure to check out this candid conversation full of laughs and lots of time tested truths related to life's most important human relationship.
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Episode 7 - Persistent Prayer For Your Family

February 08, 2019
In this episode of Ignite Your Family Life, Sammy shares a personal testimony of his praying grandmother and the profound impact it had not only his life but generations yet to come. Be encouraged, inspired and learn why persisting in prayer for your family has eternal value.
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Episode 6 - Praying For Your Children

February 01, 2019
The greatest gift you will ever give to your children is your prayers. Sammy and Tex Tippit discuss how they prayed for their children as they were growing up and the long-term impact it made on them. Today’s podcast may be the most important truth you’ll learn about helping your children.
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Episode 5 - Growing Children

January 27, 2019
On this pod we continue to discuss the parent-child relationship but we’re going to talk about what is probably one of the most difficult things to talk about: discipline. Yet the Bible says, “For whom the Lord loves he chastens.” How can parents balance the grace/discipline pendulum? We also look inward on this episode. The truth is we are only as good a husband, wife, or parent as we are a person. What God is really interested in is making us...
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Episode 4 - Parent-Child Relationships

January 21, 2019
We all have different relationships with our parents. Every one of us does. On today’s podcast we are talking about family relationships and, in particular, the parent-child relationship. How do you as parents deal with children who are at different stages, have different personalities, different character traits, and are at different levels of spirituality? How do parents facilitate a healthy environment where kids can thrive and grow? These questions and many more pare...
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