Episode 4 - Parent-Child Relationships

January 21, 2019
We all have different relationships with our parents. Every one of us does. On today’s podcast we are talking about family relationships and, in particular, the parent-child relationship. How do you as parents deal with children who are at different stages, have different personalities, different character traits, and are at different levels of spirituality? How do parents facilitate a healthy environment where kids can thrive and grow? These questions and many more pare...
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Episode 3 - Communication

January 11, 2019
Today’s podcast is all about the husband and wife relationship. We talk with the Tippit family about communication and how vitally important it is and how to communicate effectively. There are some practical tools discussed in this pod which you can utilize in your marriage to enable healthy communication practices.
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Episode 2 - Forgiveness

January 05, 2019
In this podcast I continue my conversation with the Tippit family (Tex, Dave & Kelly). When it comes to discussing family life, we find forgiveness is critically important, especially in developing relationships with others. Sometimes the greatest hurts come from the people you love the most. It’s because you love them so much and you love so deeply that you feel the hurt so greatly. This is why forgiveness and good communication has to be right at the...
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Episode 1 - What is Marriage

January 03, 2019
Family life is so important, and this is going to be a special podcast series because Sammy begins by interviewing his wife Tex, his son, Dave, and his daughter-in-law, Kelly Tippit. Its a podcast with family talking about family. Its an honest and authentic conversation about what family life looks like. In this episode the Tippits talk about the purpose, promise and expectations of married life.
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Ignite Your Family Life Preview

December 21, 2018
Would you like to strengthen your marriage, encourage your children and grow your family relationships? Author and international evangelist Sammy Tippit is launching a podcast in 2019 that will be dedicated to igniting the flame in your heart for your family.
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